Over 7 Figures in Launch Revenue in 18 months

Melyssa Griffin
E-Course Creator, Pursuit with Purpose Podcast Host, MelyssaGriffin.com Blog

First 6-Figure Launch!

Julie Solomon
Marketing Strategist, New York Times Best Selling Publicist,
Course Creator and Host of The Influencer Podcast

A custom strategy for each launch and client…
which is something unique…and much more effective…

Andrew Hubbard
Facebook Ads Strategist & Founder of AndrewHubbard.co

Launch Strategy, BizStorming™ & Course Content Strategy

Nicole Jackson Miller
Founder of TheProjectDesigner.com

1st Course Launch, Website Launch, 4-part Video Series,
YouTube Content Series and Virtual Team Build
all while heading into Maternity Leave

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour
Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist Backing Women Owned Businesses
KellyKeenanTrumpbour.com & SeeJaneInvest.com


Dee’s Magic is hard to put into just a word or two—it’s something so incredible that you have to witness it yourself to believe it, buuut let me do my best in trying to explain it.

First of all, Dee holds the space for your big dreams and visions, which is a complete game-changer in itself. I have the tendency to dream REALLY FREAKING BIG and because of that, I often feel like I have to keep my ideas to myself, for fear that someone will laugh in my face and tell me I’m all sorts of crazy for even thinking they’re possible. What I love about working with Dee is that she 100% listens to my visions and not only makes me feel like they’re possible, but helps me map out the step-by-step plan for making them a reality. Dee has been completely indispensable in the brainstorming phase of my project and I honestly don’t know how my vision would have come to life without her guidance.

Also, what’s been so incredibly useful about Dee’s support is that she plays devil’s advocate to make sure that we’re approaching the project from the most efficient and pleasurable way possible. She’s always pointing out areas where there may be gaps and then providing solutions that I would have never even thought of on my own.

Sooo in a nutshell, Dee is like a “dreams to reality” sorceress when it comes to your visionary project!

~Lexi D’Angelo, BizWooSchool.com

Whenever I have a new business idea or strategy that needs to be hashed out, I turn to Dee. She always brings fresh ideas and helps me build off of what I initially thought of to create something better than I could have done alone. She’s helped me with everything from business strategy to naming my products to launching them and I’m lucky to have her as a secret weapon for my business.

~Melyssa Griffin, MelyssaGriffin.com

Dee provides a supportive space where brilliance is created. She understands my vision and gives me gentle, yet direct suggestions to help me deliver my gifts to the world. If you are looking for clarity, direction and growth in your business, look no further than Dee.

~Nicole Jackson Miller, TheProjectDesigner.com

CirclePic-Karen“Dee Reller is wise beyond her years! She is exceptionally skilled at honing right in on the key issue that is blocking your progress and lovingly, yet firmly, pointing it out and making you really look at it. She has the courage and compassion to help you stay there until you really understand it, come to terms with the full impact of that issue, and then artfully supports you as you build a more productive route right through the middle of that issue and out the other side to your dream. Because Dee has, and is putting these same skills into practice in her own life, she is highly credible, powerful, real, and inspiring. She has earned the right to be consulted and listened to because she consistently walks her own talk with grace, power, humility, and dignity.

Dee can help you make the journey to your dreams faster and ensure you have a lot of fun along the way. And if you are short of courage or confidence in yourself – you can borrow some of hers until she has helped you re-discover your own. She is a delight to work with and brings such impactful insights and genuine heart to each encounter. I always learn something new each time I talk with her and I feel blessed to have her on my personal board of advisors.”

Karen Gartside, CEO Re: Team Ltd – Helping Teams Deliver the Impossible & CEO Leadership Corral – Providing a Safe Place for Powerful People to Learn

CirclePictures-Kara“Being an executive/leadership coach myself I spend a lot of time providing support to others. Of course, I run into my own personal and professional challenges and opportunities –  and in those moments I look to the expertise and guidance of others whom I trust and respect. Dee is at the top of that list! From our first meeting as peers I felt such a strong and instant connection with her — she has the gift of calm, openness, and curiosity that puts those around her at ease. Her role as my coach has been one that empowers me to step into my power, my passion – my journey to show up in life as my true self. And she does that through an amazing ability to hold me accountable with a compassionate heart and a sharp intellect. That balance she seems to so naturally display, distinguishes her as the type of coach so many do and will benefit from. I endorse Dee whole heartedly and encourage those exploring the experience of coaching to step into their power with Dee by their side.”

Kara Etzler, Executive/Leadership Coach


“That awkward moment you know you need to make a change in your business but you’re too afraid to move? Yep, Dee talked me through it. As someone who considers myself pretty equipped to deal with most blocks that arise (I too have taken courses and work on my business regularly), I found myself flailing.

Funny, the root of my problem wasn’t as complicated as I’d made it out to be, and Dee was able to pinpoint the pain and provide several actionable items to get me back into the groove.

Her kindness and understanding are matched by her listening prowess. So thankful for our time together, as I’m not back on my business feet and ready to rock the rest of this year!”

Lindsay Fischer

ShareRoss“In one session, Dee helped me focus on a simple, implementable step to instantly up my game. She cut to the chase and saw what I was missing. Boom!”

Share Ross, ShareRoss.com


“You know when you read that super cheesy line that goes something like “1 hour changed my life” and you move on thinking, blah, blah yeah sure it did. Thing is, this time IT DID! This just happened to me less than 1 hour ago!  I just got off a 1 hour call that started out with my head in the clouds and ideas whizzing by so fast I couldn’t even get complete thoughts formulated.  Within the first 20min I had clarity, in 30 min we had an idea for my first group program and by the end of the hr I had attainable goals for a free opt-in , a plan for creating the beta group, how to get my name out and the steps I needed to take to get there, key things to focus on when starting a web page and the things I DON’T need to be spending time on right now! I needed guidance on how to get started and get the most bang for my buck with the precious little time I have and Dee OVER DELIVERED!  SHE IS AMAZING, and seriously, as cheesetastic as it is, I stand tall when I say “DEE CHANGED MY LIFE IN 1 HOUR”.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Holly Homes


“45 minutes and BAM! a plan! Yes talking to Dee Teller for only 45 minutes and I have a tangible and doable plan to stategize building on my business. Not only was I given a few new ideas to build my client base but she also addressed some fears and blocks I had and gave me tips on improving on those too! If you haven’t scheduled a call yet…. you should!!! Dee is amazing! The most I’ve gotten out of a free business chat and way more than I expected! Thank Dee!”

Tracey McFadden


“I spoke with Dee for an hour on the phone and felt a sense of ease. As an introvert, these calls can be a painful experience. I debriefed her on who I am and what I do and she brainstormed a few thought provoking ideas. She guided me back toward my passion as I was getting ready to raise the white flag of surrender. Deewas able to shift my focus from struggle to hope by encouraging me to break through my comfort zone with baby steps. I would recommend anyone feeling stuck to allow Dee to listen and offer you a road map towards your desires.”

Laurel Noddin


“I just had to share my amazing coaching session with Dee Reller. In one hour she coached me through an opt-in package, a sales funnel, and an offer for my inaugural Coach Certification Retreat…talk about lifting a huge burden off my shoulders! She rocks!!! Thank you so much Dee!”

Trish Walker, Health & Weight Loss Coach, Founder of Attain Vitality Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program.


“Just want to give a shout out to DEE RELLER! I had a great coaching call with her. I found Dee to be an awesome listener. I’m sure she had an agenda for the call, but I didn’t know it. She LISTENED intently to what I was saying and then answered and provided insight. She provided some very useful ideas that I could begin implementing immediately. Her strength was in being able to see the BIG picture, but then taking that info and focusing in on the details and next steps. Our call moved beyond the allotted time and that didn’t seem to phase or hurry her; a sign of her genuinely caring and wanting to help. Get yourself a coaching call with her!”

Deborah Ann Corbin

CirclePictures-Mira“My call with Dee was truly empowering! She listened to me very clearly and deeply, and was able to skillfully see the bigger picture for my business and help me break things down into small, manageable approaches that were tangible. She was very pleasant and helpful, and I am grateful for the time spent- I already took her suggestions and feverishly took notes during our session. Someone who can see both the big picture and the details is a rarity, thank you Dee!”

Mira Zaki, Photographer


“Dee really helped to coach me through a very difficult time in my life when I wasn’t sure where to turn. As a coach, she is compassionate and caring but she also pushed me to expand my awareness and to face my fears. Her intuitive skills are amazing and she really follows her heart and her head. I trusted her with a lot of personal information I don’t even tell some of my own friends and she rose to the challenge. With Dee I felt like I had a true partnership and I was able to achieve more than I ever thought possible.”

Nicole Frederickson, Business Coach & Consultant


“Dee was fantastic! She confirmed all the ideas that I had in my head and helped me gain massive clarity on moving forward with them for the next few months. I feel like I have much more of a plan and focus and am excited for the future”

Sugandha Bhargava Chapman


“After speaking with Dee about clarity in one area, she helped me to see the area that I really needed to address. Dee had wonderful ideas and was very genuine.”

Kisha Johnson

“Dee Reller Absolutely killed my coaching session! She gave me clarity, encouragement, takeaways, some creative ideas to get clients, resources and website and opt-in ideas. I felt like she really heard Me and My challenges. I felt understood and actually coached. I truly feel grateful she picked me to have this opportunity and I would recommend her anytime to anyone! #sherocks.”

Lisa Elliott