Being Yourself Sets Your Life & The World On Fire

Pretending to be what other people want does the opposite.

There’s an epidemic of women, just like you, who feel stuck and uninspired. You don’t know why the house, the spouse, the kids, and your job aren’t making you happy.

Why isn’t your life working? Because you’re not being you. Contrary to popular belief, people just want you honor your truth. Be you and stop apologizing. Three things will happen when you do:

  • You’ll be happy
  • Your happiness will spread like a wild fire
  • You’ll show others that by sharing their truth, there’s nothing to fear and everything to gain

People who do their thing without apology are irresistible.

What if you stopped waiting for approval? What if you wrote your OWN permission slip and said Hell Yeah, I’m doing this for ME?

It’s time for YOU to claim your birthright to live a happy, fulfilling life on your terms and stop pissing away the precious time you’ve been given to make an impact.

I’ve been there, which is why I’m so passionate about helping YOU live a liberated life.

From ditching corporate to bankruptcy, from abusive relationships to almost being homeless.

For far too long, I let my past control my future.

I was afraid to show up for myself and my business because I was so sure people would judge me. I was fearful of putting myself out there to help people as a coach because people might see I didn’t have everything figured out.

Thankfully, that’s over. And because I lived it, I can show you how to get clarity for yourself.

I had been doing what I was suppose to do, going down that traditional path…on autopilot. After 18 years in IT, managing projects with budgets from $10K to over $10M, I had to stop.

I knew something had to change. It was time to get serious about my own happiness and desires. The self-doubt was paralyzing at times and I wasn’t sure how to make a transition.

I decided to just trust myself, stop second guessing myself and follow the not-so-subtle nudges the Universe was dropping in front of me like neon signs. I made shift after shift to align with what felt true for me. I decided to become a coach, something I had long been wanting to do. I enrolled at iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).

Finally, I took the BIG LEAP quitting my 6-figure job to set off into the vast unknown, never feeling more alive and so much fear at the same time.

The Scariest Best Decision Ever.

Today I help my clients be themselves so they can figure out what the hell they want and what will really make them happy. Instead of surviving, we get you to thriving.

It’s never too late to seize YOUR unrealized dreams.

I’m passionate about helping you do just that.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re suppose to do something more with your life. If you just can’t shake this feeling, no matter what, it just keeps coming back. If you keep trying to figure out what that something is and you come up empty or you can’t figure out which direction to choose. If you’ve talk about it with your loved ones but you leave those conversations feeling like you’re crazy or they just don’t understand. I can help.

I know first hand what that’s like – because I’ve been you.  Together we can find the answers you seek. I’ll be there every step of the way to support you in your journey to fulfilling your true potential. I’ll guide you in discovering what’s holding you back from the opportunity to wake up every day feeling abundant, fulfilled and liberated. Which is exactly how you’ll feel when you embrace who you are, align with your soul’s desire and share your unique gifts with the world.

You + Me = Badass Liberation!

Let’s Make Your Dreams A Reality!

Unapologetically Being You & Pursuing Your Desires

Is Totally Badass!


The first thing you notice about Dee Reller is her great hair. But don’t let the purple or pink highlights fool you. Dee has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Dee has spent most of her professional career in project management where she was able to tap into her ability to create big picture strategy while honing her meticulous attention to detail.  But what truly sets Dee apart is the way she communicates. She is a straight shooter while also being compassionate and inspiring. Dee also has the unique ability to see the big visions as well as all the details it will take to make them a reality. These are the qualities that helped her successfully manage highly-visible projects with budgets over $10M with extraordinary results. Dee understands you can’t do it alone and has the uncanny ability to bring people together for a common goal.

Like so many others, Dee’s highly successful career, although rewarding in many ways, was unfulfilling. In an extremely bold and courageous move, Dee chose to quit her job to pursue her true calling, coaching.  As a Life Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Dee focuses her work on helping women who feel stuck in an unfulfilling career or life situations, break free to live a life based on their real truth and soul’s desires. She helps her clients tap into their strengths, understand their values, gain clarity on what their true soul desires are, and learn to make conscious choices that lead them from making decisions based on fear to life filled with purpose, passion, abundance and joy.  Her coaching style is candid and intuitive, but it allows her clients to shift and fearlessly radiate their true brilliance.